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“Not me, guv!”

by Alan Dean on 30 August, 2020

That’s the sign one weekend commentator suggested Boris Johnson should have on his desk at No. 10. “Not me, I’m not responsible for what goes wrong.” That contrasts with US president Harry Truman’s actual desk-top sign “The buck stops here”. Even Conservative MPs are now speaking out against a Johnson cabinet of incompetent people whose […]

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Most people I currently speak to about the local elections think there will be regime change at Uttlesford District Council after the local elections on May 2nd. The outcome of the elections is primarily the voters’ choice. Whatever the new councillor count for each of the political groups, the primary aim must be to create […]

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Last night’s budget meeting was typical of many I have been at over the past 28 years. The ruling Tories agree with the Liberal Democrats’ ideas – and might even implement them on the quiet (IF THEY ARE RE-ELECTED IN MAY) – but can’t vote for the Opposition’s budget amendments because they – the Tories – didn’t […]

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by Alan Dean on 5 October, 2014

IF – you care about the future of Uttlesford district IF – you want planning for the future to be vastly improved IF – you want to know about a council which hoards your money IF – you want fairer local taxation for local people IF – you want Uttlesford District Council to be more open […]

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50 Hours in Scotland

by Alan Dean on 23 September, 2014

Last week I spent Monday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon in Scotland. To be precise, I went to Helensburgh to help local people achieve a No vote for Scottish Independence. The local people were impressive. Never before have I attended a campaign organisation meeting attended by 80 people from most political persuasions and none. I reckon […]

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The UK is finished, but so is Uttlesford.

by Alan Dean on 6 September, 2014

The United Kingdom as we have known it is finished. Whether the Scots vote YES or NO in less than two weeks’ time, the renaissance of democratic participation in Scotland during the referendum campaign will also bring about change in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Read the views of Jonathan Freedland and Deborah Orr from […]

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Today’s Saffron Walden Reporter sums up the contradiction at Uttlesford District Council on their priorities: tax the poor and help the rich. On a morning when I have had to help out a person who has been unable to afford electricity and food for several weeks, so when given food was unable to cook it, […]

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“Failed policies”

by Alan Dean on 19 September, 2013

The letter Failed policies below from former councillor Geoff Powers appeared in today’s Dunmow Broadcast newspaper. It captures much about the present local planning debacle. I have read on Twitter that Sir Alan Haselhurst referred Cllr Howard Rolfe’s cry for help to nearby MP Mark Prisk, who is also minister of state for housing. Mr […]

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This was just one description of Lady Madge Moseley at her funeral in Cambridge today. It was precisely apt. Determined – that things would be done her way. But her skills of influence over other people were persuasive and her case passionately put. Her advocacy probably developed during Madge’s time as a civil service trade unionist. Her belief in […]

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Thursday’s local elections were a shock to established parties and a boost to Ukip and “non-party”, independent candidates. Independents are often backed by party machines, as was the case of Saffron Walden with the WeAreResidents candidate. Yet there is no denying that Thursday’s election found a quarter to a third of voters supporting people without […]

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