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The Army at Carver Barracks near Saffron Walden wants to create an 8-lane, 500m running track to supplement their existing sporting facilities. These are used at times by members of the public as well as by military personnel. Last Tuesday the Full Council meeting agreed to make a £500,000 grant towards the new facilities, which […]

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Uttlesford’s Cabinet made this Key Decision on Monday. See earlier story. Uttlesford Cabinet Agenda item 15 – S106 Community Pot, Stansted RESOLVED that: i.        Subject to the agreement of the developer, a sum of £200,000 is allocated to Stansted Parish Council to fund the release of all “reserved rights” held by a third party over […]

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Pretend politics!

by Alan Dean on 15 March, 2017

We seem to be living in an age of pretend, unreal politics. We have a prime minister who pretends to be compassionate and wanting to help the less able in society. Yet as soon as she does something that upsets the Tory right-wing, such as paying for better social care services by increasing National Insurance charges […]

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Thursday’s budget-setting meeting was largely uncontroversial. The main changes included an uplift in staff costs to make pay at Uttlesford (UDC) more competitive with pay at other councils; an as yet undefined attempt to improve customer service standards; a lot more money to keep the Local Plan on track. On the last point, planning is about £700,000 […]

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Pending crises bring near unity

by Alan Dean on 26 February, 2016

There is nothing like a few pending crises to bring people of normally differing views together. Yesterday started with both the Dunmow Broadcast and the Saffron Walden Reporter featuring two Conservatives, Sir Alan Haselhurst MP and Cllr Howard Rolfe, lining up with me, a Liberal Democrat councillor, to promote the benefits of our country remaining […]

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The following is the text of a press release issued by Uttlesford’s Liberal Democrat Group.   “It’s time to start questioning companies who take local council tax for their services and then salt their profits away is shady Bermudan bank accounts to avoid paying UK tax on their profits”, says Uttlesford’s Liberal Democrat leader, Cllr […]

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The Conservative-only cabinet deserves some credit for doing a U-turn and agreeing one of the Lib Dems’ budget proposals that they rejected as recently as the end of February. They have agreed to invest £150,000 in the installation of photovoltaic solar panels on two buildings at the council’s Shire Hill depot in Saffron Walden. The […]

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“Fairness” letter to local editors

by Alan Dean on 11 March, 2015

I sent the following letter to local newspapers. It has not appeared in today’s Walden Local, though that paper has covered the issues in editorial columns in previous weeks. Sir An annual £9 council tax cut for someone living in a five- or six-bedroom house is not even going to buy an evening meal out […]

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Uttlesford’s Liberal Democrat councillors have issued the following press release. Uttlesford Liberal Democrats have accused the council’s Tory administration of short-term gimmicks that favour the wealthy and of lacking ideas on how to use New Homes Bonus to benefit the district. Lib Dem leader of the opposition, Alan Dean, said: “The Tories are out of […]

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Last night’s budget meeting was typical of many I have been at over the past 28 years. The ruling Tories agree with the Liberal Democrats’ ideas – and might even implement them on the quiet (IF THEY ARE RE-ELECTED IN MAY) – but can’t vote for the Opposition’s budget amendments because they – the Tories – didn’t […]

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