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Invitation to an appeal at 10 a.m. next Tuesday

by Alan Dean on 20 April, 2016

The planning appeal about the latest proposed development behind Tesco and the Coop on Cambridge Road, Stansted begins next Tuesday, April 26th. You are warmly welcome to attend to show your interest in what happens at this 14 Cambridge Road central site; especially if you agree with your councillors that the appealed scheme would be an overdevelopment that will […]

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This is what I want the Planning Inspector to read before deciding, I hope, to dismiss the appeal on land behind Tesco on Cambridge Road, Stansted. Have you told the Planning Inspectorate about your experiences on Cambridge Road and what you think should be done with this appeal? Details can be found here about what […]

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Lib Dem budget proposals

by Alan Dean on 23 February, 2015

Uttlesford’s Liberal Democrat councillors aim to amend the Tories’ budget for 2015/16 to make it greener and fairer. The Liberal Democrat alternative budget proposals call for improved recycling, solar energy panels on council building and a fairer way to refund surplus New Homes Bonus to taxpayers. In a press release issued today I said “The Lib Dem […]

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Residents and councillors to improve the garden

by Alan Dean on 30 September, 2014

This afternoon the council arranged a consultation with residents of Churchfields, Stansted to improve the environment of the central garden area. The likely plan is to take down an ugly dividing fence and to install a picnic table. A new tree will be planted to provide shade. Various other ideas were put forward including a […]

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The Hundred Parishes

by Alan Dean on 4 August, 2014

The Hundred Parishes is an thoughtful, new initiative to promote 100 mainly rural parishes in Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire centred on the Essex countryside south of Saffron Walden. The website gives details of the towns and villages and walks within and between them. Annual family membership is available at the modest price of £10. Here […]

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Uttlesford council is coming under mounting pressure to come clean over what the public sees as favoured treatment of Hellsenham and its promoters, the Fairfield Partnership.  In this post I will continue to report on Tuesday’s discredited council meeting that agreed the pre-submission Local Plan by one vote only (23 votes) above one-half of the […]

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Stansted community at work

by Alan Dean on 22 March, 2014

Saturday morning in Stansted. A team of 30-40 people set out to clean up the village of litter and rubbish that makes the place scruffy.   My wife, Catherine, our next door neighbour, Peter Brown, and I tackled Platt’s Alley leading from the recreation ground to Silver Street. We filled 13 large sacks with leaf […]

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Saving for a rainy day without sandbags

by Alan Dean on 15 February, 2014

One theme throughout the past seven years of this Uttlesford administration has been to save – to horde money – for a rainy day. Well, the rains are here but the council doesn’t have a single sandbag to its name. All it has is over £7 million spare cash in the bank; a sum that […]

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More on the Lower Street flood

by Alan Dean on 10 February, 2014

Yeoman’s cafe was back in business today, but some other businesses remained closed following Friday’s flood. Over the weekend I did a bit of research on flood warning alarms. A resident has agreed to play host to an alarm near to where Ugley Brook enters the culvert at the northern end of Lower Street. The […]

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Today’s floods

by Alan Dean on 7 February, 2014

Flooding in Stansted today has been the worst in about 10 years. More rain is expected tonight. Premises in Lower Street were devastated when the road became a river before dawn this morning. Kings Butchers has probably lost most of his stock and expects to be shut for more than a week. The Queen’s Head public house was mopping […]

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