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My To Everest or to spitefulness post last Monday has stirred up some reaction from the Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) party and its allies. They think I am acting bitterly and unfairly by challenging and criticising their handling of Uttlesford’s Local Plan since R4U were elected into office with an overwhelming majority in May 2019. But […]

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by Alan Dean on 5 October, 2020

Around four years ago, I visited New Earswick on the outskirts of York to see an early 20th century housing initiative by the Rowntree chocolate manufacturers. The aim then was to build quality housing for the people of the chocolate factory. One-hundred and twenty years on, Uttlesford District Council wanted until recently to bring the […]

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“Not me, guv!”

by Alan Dean on 30 August, 2020

That’s the sign one weekend commentator suggested Boris Johnson should have on his desk at No. 10. “Not me, I’m not responsible for what goes wrong.” That contrasts with US president Harry Truman’s actual desk-top sign “The buck stops here”. Even Conservative MPs are now speaking out against a Johnson cabinet of incompetent people whose […]

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The Saffron Walden Reporter newspaper took up my post of yesterday as its lead story this morning. See below or more clearly and with photos at this link.        

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In a statement this morning, Uttlesford Liberal Democrats have condemned the decision in April by the Council’s R4U administration to withdraw the emerging Local Plan. “It has backfired spectacularly on the district’s residents and environment. It’s a sign of panic that next Tuesday’s Local Plan Leadership Group meeting has been cancelled after the agenda was […]

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As I wrote in my previous post, that’s a recent newspaper article headline about the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings. I compared Johnsonian populism with Residents for Uttlesford’s local populism here in North-West Essex. For R4U, having a Council Corporate Deliver Plan of what they intend to achieve in the next three years […]

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The following information is provided by Uttlesford District Council Project Team Covid-19 Housing benefits and rent during the coronavirus outbreak Benefits you can apply for, how to apply for a council or housing association home and what to do if you are homeless. If your income is affected by coronavirus you may be able to […]

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UDC coronavirus briefing note – 3 April 2020

by Alan Dean on 6 April, 2020

UDC briefing note – 3 April 2020 This briefing note is designed to keep you updated with what Uttlesford District Council is doing in response to the coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic. The information here relates to the main activity that has happened across the council this week. You are welcome to share this information within your […]

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The words above are not mine. They were spoken by HRH the Prince of Wales in Davos, Switzerland two days ago. He was referring to the Climate Emergency. His words are as relevant to councillors and residents in the Uttlesford district as they are to very rich business people and world politicians at the 2020 […]

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by Alan Dean on 17 January, 2020

It’s been a busy few months. I have neglected my blog. I intend to get back into the swing of posting my thoughts. There’s lots to say: A disappointing General Election The imminence of the “word we’re told we must not speak” – BREXIT. I’VE SAID IT! More trouble with Uttlesford’s Local Plan The resumption […]

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