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Will George Osborne regret losing the Lib Dems?

by Alan Dean on 19 March, 2016

George Osborne is too clever, by half. From his elite, privileged tower he lacks the political nous that saves many a politician from falling into a hole. He’s simply driven by what he thinks will win votes for the Tories, regardless how much nastiness to the poor and pandering to the rich  that requires. During […]

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The Prime Minister’s avoidance of a Tv debate unless he is part of a large crowd of party leaders is in marked contrast to his pleas to Gordon Brown five years ago. They say David Cameron has no fixed principles; only temporary tactics for short-term party advantage. This is what columnist Matthew d’Ancona thinks about the […]

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I have submitted my own view to the planning inspectorate on what I think about Uttlesford’s local plan. A public examination of the plan begins on Monday November 17th. I look forward to hearing what others have to say and, in due course – but possibly not before May’s elections – what the inspector and […]

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50 Hours in Scotland

by Alan Dean on 23 September, 2014

Last week I spent Monday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon in Scotland. To be precise, I went to Helensburgh to help local people achieve a No vote for Scottish Independence. The local people were impressive. Never before have I attended a campaign organisation meeting attended by 80 people from most political persuasions and none. I reckon […]

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Coalition, Conservatives and Europe

by Alan Dean on 28 January, 2013

I received the following broadcast email from my local Conservative MP, Sir Alan Haselhurst, this afternoon. My reply, which can also be found below, included reference to the above cartoon in yesterday’s Observer.  Sir Alan Haselhurst’s Referendum Message ‘The next Conservative Manifesto in 2015 will ask for a mandate from the British people for a Conservative […]

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