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2018: a year of optimism or confusion?

by Alan Dean on 4 January, 2018

Let’s start this post with optimism – I will use my blog more often. Not quite a new year resolution; more a good intention. I started 2017 with the following:  Optimism comes from the belief that people will follow leaders who speak the truth and take the population with them, rather than seduce them with false promises that lead everyone into […]

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A line was crossed yesterday

by Alan Dean on 23 September, 2017

Yesterday evening the sun crossed the equator on its annual journey south and away from the northern hemisphere. Looked at from the sun, it was us in northern latitudes who are tilting away from our source of natural heat and light. Like much of life, what you see depends on where you stand. Earlier in the day Mrs Theresa May gave […]

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A six weeks’ public consultation began yesterday, following Tuesday night’s council decision to approve the Draft Local Plan for publication. See a summary of the plan here.   UTTLESFORD COUNCIL MEETING 11TH JULY 2017 The following is what I said at the meeting: Tonight, I will be supporting the recommendation to start public consultation on […]

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Uttlesford’s Cabinet made this Key Decision on Monday. See earlier story. Uttlesford Cabinet Agenda item 15 – S106 Community Pot, Stansted RESOLVED that: i.        Subject to the agreement of the developer, a sum of £200,000 is allocated to Stansted Parish Council to fund the release of all “reserved rights” held by a third party over […]

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Uttlesford’s cabinet is to be asked on 10 July to release £200,000 of the remaining balance of money paid into a community pot by developers/homeowners living at Forest Hall Park, Stansted. The cabinet report is linked here. I can add little information to this report but would welcome views on how the remaining money should […]

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The Residents for Uttlesford Party (R4U)  backed Hellsenham developer Fairfield against the people of Elsenham and Henham. Fairfield’s spokesman wrote a letter in the Saffron Walden Reporter promoting Hellsenham New Town. The R4U Party said: “Fairfield seems to have a better grasp of public opinion”. Public opinion where? In Saffron Walden, where most R4U people live? See what the […]

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These words are from, the forerunner of the Residents for Uttlesford Party (R4U) fighting the by-election in Elsenham and Henham this week.  Their spokesman was quoted in the Saffron Walden Weekly News. It seems that when the chips are down – as they will be again in the coming year – R4U, a Saffron Walden-based […]

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I promised on Jan 10th to post an account last weekend about an external report on the way the Local Plan has been handled. Sorry, but I was busier than expected last weekend so didn’t get round to it. So here is an account of what happened at Tuesday’s scrutiny committee. The report and those […]

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Local Plan Year 12 (and more to come)

by Alan Dean on 10 January, 2017

Uttlesford council is now in its twelfth year preparing a new Local Plan. It was bad enough when the last attempt was withdrawn at the start of year 10. It’s now looking like year 13 or 14 at best before a plan is agreed and finished. The Policy Planning Working Group meets tonight. The agenda […]

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Into 2017 – a time for long-term optimism

by Alan Dean on 31 December, 2016

Whether one thinks locally, nationally or internationally, 2016 was either a year of deep disappointment or a year for continued optimism, depending on one’s mood and outlook. Internationally, we in this country have either shot ourselves in the foot by voting to leave the EU and divorcing ourselves from that European co-operation partnership, or we […]

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