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by Alan Dean on 14 October, 2018

I am writing this post wearing the hat of the chair of Uttlesford DC’s Scrutiny Committee. For those not familiar with local government structures, clause 6.3.8 of UDC’s constitution says that one of the Scrutiny Committee’s functions is to “question members of the executive (cabinet)….about their decisions and performance”. I am not writing today on […]

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2018: a year of optimism or confusion?

by Alan Dean on 4 January, 2018

Let’s start this post with optimism – I will use my blog more often. Not quite a new year resolution; more a good intention. I started 2017 with the following:  Optimism comes from the belief that people will follow leaders who speak the truth and take the population with them, rather than seduce them with false promises that lead everyone into […]

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Round 7 Cambridge Road no. 14

by Alan Dean on 17 November, 2016

There have been four previous refused planning application and two dismissed appeals on planning proposals at 14 Cambridge Road, Stansted. That makes six failures. We are now on the seventh; a proposal for ten houses, an office block and a shop that would do nothing but aggravate the traffic congestion, parking chaos and safety of […]

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Invitation to an appeal at 10 a.m. next Tuesday

by Alan Dean on 20 April, 2016

The planning appeal about the latest proposed development behind Tesco and the Coop on Cambridge Road, Stansted begins next Tuesday, April 26th. You are warmly welcome to attend to show your interest in what happens at this 14 Cambridge Road central site; especially if you agree with your councillors that the appealed scheme would be an overdevelopment that will […]

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An Idea for Fixing Stansted’s Cambridge Road Chaos

by Alan Dean on 1 February, 2016

In recent weeks there has been continual public anger on Facebook/Stansted Matters at the traffic chaos and regular incidents of inconsiderate and dangerous parking close to the pedestrian crossing on Cambridge Road, Stansted. Clicking here will reveal a possible and tentative plan for improving safety, parking and traffic congestion around Tesco and the Coop. The plan requires […]

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The latest planning proposal for 14 Cambridge Road, Stansted would damage the vitality and economic success of the Cambridge Road retail and business area. The site would be over-developed and put an intolerable burden on the public’s nearby Crafton Green Car Park because of a connecting pedestrian link. It would aggravate the chaotic parking demand in […]

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Lib Dem budget proposals

by Alan Dean on 23 February, 2015

Uttlesford’s Liberal Democrat councillors aim to amend the Tories’ budget for 2015/16 to make it greener and fairer. The Liberal Democrat alternative budget proposals call for improved recycling, solar energy panels on council building and a fairer way to refund surplus New Homes Bonus to taxpayers. In a press release issued today I said “The Lib Dem […]

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Today’s Independent has a Money feature on bank branch closures and features the pending demise of Barclays, Cambridge Road, Stansted. The article quotes local residents Marion and Red Pretty and the bank’s neighbouring hairdresser, Lino Botallico. It is a good article, despite confusing me as parish council chairman rather than Geoffrey Sell. We met management from Barclays on […]

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Last week the third planning application for 14 homes at a site in Stansted was refused by Uttlesford’s planning committee. I was on holiday in Scotland last week so could not attend in person to express my objections; so I sent along a video (*) which was viewed by the planning committee. The text is available […]

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Last Monday’s blog post on the story of the controversially timed Bank Holiday planning committee meeting containing three controversial planning applications has rumbled on. The Dunmow and Stansted Observer published this story last Thursday on page 3 with the addition of “Their (SSV) concerns are shared by the village’s Lib Dem district councillors, Iris Evans and Alan Dean, who […]

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