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Public questions scrutinising Uttlesford’s investment strategy

by Alan Dean on 25 March, 2019

Written as Chair of Scrutiny at Uttlesford District Council

The following alleged lack of responses to questions raised at the council’s scrutiny committee were contained in a letter shown below from last week’s Walden Local newspaper.

The questions raised, together with the council’s responses, were contained in an email from me dated March 6th, 2019. In publishing these responses, I am not verifying them as satisfactory, as the whole subject of governance of Uttlesford’s investment strategy remains under development. At last week’s scrutiny committee, provisional proposals were put forward about decision making and oversight of the council’s commercial investments. These were provisional proposals, though endorsed, that require further work and will not be concluded until after May’s local elections.

Click here is the text of the questions and the responses sent.

My email:

From: Cllr Dean
Sent: 06 March 2019 11:38
To: ‘Richard Pavitt’
Subject: RE: UDC borrowing to invest

Dear Richard

I apologise once again for my delayed responses. You will find attached annotated responses to your questions from our officers; sent to me a month ago, and which I regretfully overlooked. I have inserted one comment of known inaccuracy.

I will anticipate your further questioning in connection with today’s front page of the Walden Local. I am investigating these claims, but I think there is likely to be a good explanation.

Regards, Alan

Cllr Alan Dean

Member of Uttlesford District Council for Stansted North

Chair of Scrutiny



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