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“Not Propping up Other Parties”; but Standing Up for Your Own Principles and Values

by Alan Dean on 13 April, 2019

Most people I currently speak to about the local elections think there will be regime change at Uttlesford District Council after the local elections on May 2nd.

The outcome of the elections is primarily the voters’ choice. Whatever the new councillor count for each of the political groups, the primary aim must be to create a Council that can deal effectively with the big issues of the day, three of which are:

  1. Ending the delay in completing a Local Plan
  2. Sorting out the Council’s finances for the long-term
  3. Resolving in the short-term the planning application for passenger and plane growth at Stansted Airport.

People from Party X have been asking: “Will the Lib Dems be propping up Party Y?” Then people from Party Y claim the Lib Dems have done a deal with Party Z, with the aim of going into coalition next month.

I can confirm that there has been no electoral deal by Uttlesford Liberal Democrats with any other political party. The Lib Dems are contesting almost every ward. Nor has any deal been struck with any other party on how the new Council should deliver on its responsibilities to local people after the elections. If, as seems likely, there is regime change, there WILL BE regime change; not more of the same.

The Lib Dems’ first aim is to play first fiddle. If no party has an overall majority (at least 20 seats), as is most likely, the Lib Dems will work with other councillors who agree to help deliver what my party has set out in its election manifesto. This is a Liberal Democrat manifesto; not a Conservative manifesto, not a Residents for Uttlesford manifesto, not a Labour manifesto.

How that is achieved is a matter for discussion immediately after May 2nd. What the Lib Dems will not be doing is propping up a continuing old regime, that has lost its electoral mandate, in exchange for a job or two. Nor will the Lib Dems be supporting any aspirant regime that will lead the Council and the District down a blind alley labelled “False Promises”.

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