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by Alan Dean on 17 May, 2010

I wrote the following letter to the managing director at Stansted airport, Mr David Johnston:

“Your company will no doubt wish a little time to consider the implications of the new coalition government‘s confirmation of refusal of an additional runway at Stansted. I would urge you not to delay long in announcing withdrawal of the current planning application for the G-2 second runway. The local Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have long been of the opinion that a second runway at Stansted was neither in the interests of local people nor of the wider environment. We are now supported by our two national parties working in coalition. Unlike other areas of national policy, there has been no need for compromise as both parties went into the general election with the same commitment.     

“Since 2002 this area has lived under the threat of a vastly increased airport. Many people’s lives have been upset by the previous government’s aviation white paper and BAA’s response to it. In the eight years since the initial proposals were first published vast sums of public and private money and personal energy have been expended and I feel it is now time to draw a line under the past and to stop further action in support of G-2 dead in its tracks.  

“For the good of the local community and the reputation of your company, I urge you to do all that you can to persuade your colleagues that further prevarication on expensive planning and legal procedures would be in no one’s true interest and that their early cessation will allow a more normal relationship to be established with what is, after all, an important employment centre for this area. I will be making this letter public.”

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