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Is Labour struggling in Waveney?

by Alan Dean on 28 April, 2010

Labour in Waveney is now onto desperate tactics. Last night, after spending the day in and around Oulton Broad and Lowestoft meeting voters, we came across a Labour leaflet on pale yellow paper purporting to be an admission from me that my interests lie elsewhere than in Waveney.  My team and I received an enthusiastic welcome in Lowestoft town centre on Saturday so it’s no surprise that my Labour opponent is feeling vulnerable. It’s a pity he can’t stick to the issues that matter to local people rather than attacking his opponents with misleading leaflets. The only bit of the leaflet that’s true is that I did join my wife on Monday afternoon to knock on doors in her council ward near Stansted. In my book, family and friends don’t get entirely abandoned during election campaigns. If that’s the best Labour can do to defend this seat, they really do deserve to lose.

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