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Keeping meeting people, not pollsters!

by Alan Dean on 20 April, 2010

I was amused last week that one newspaper described the Waveney Lib Dem campaign as ‘quiet’ compared with my opponents’ campaigns. I don’t know what my Conservative and Labour opponents have been doing that was noisy, but there is now no doubt that the Liberal Democrats are on an upward roll in the polls, if not yet breaking the sound barrier. That means all bets are off about the national and local results on May 6th.My campaign team and I intend to continue campaigning – quietly – by listening to local concerns and to what Waveney’s residents think. There will be no premature claims of success. We have all seen enough of politicians getting above themselves in the past year. The outcome of this election will be determined by the electors; not by the politicians. Who is in the next government will not be decided by Members of Parliament and party hacks in smokeless rooms.My colleagues in Waveney and I look forward to meeting as many people as possible over the next few weeks and being asked about the policies and approach to politics that Nick Clegg talked about in the television debate. Only then will we have earned their votes.”

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  1. James says:

    I think the issue with a ‘quiet’ campaign is that I had to find out who my liberal candidate was from Wikipedia. I am still yet to know what you feel you can do as my local MP. You may want to understand what the residents think but surely you should know this already to be considered a suitable candidate. My concern is not what Nick Clegg wants or the Conservative or Labour opinion of you and your motives. I want to know what you as my potential local MP feel you can do for the people of Waveney.

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