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Written as Chair of Scrutiny at Uttlesford District Council The following alleged lack of responses to questions raised at the council’s scrutiny committee were contained in a letter shown below from last week’s Walden Local newspaper. The questions raised, together with the council’s responses, were contained in an email from me dated March 6th, 2019. […]

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Madness! Conservative Madness.

by Alan Dean on 19 February, 2019

I am beginning to meet long-standing Conservatives who feel that their party has descended into madness over Brexit. At the same time, I have been under attack from loyal Tory Brexiteers for promoting the next People’s Vote march in London on March 23rd. My critics fell silent when I asked whether they voted Leave to […]

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On Tuesday’s Uttlesford DC voted No to my proposal “….. in the event that Parliament cannot reach an outcome (on Brexit) … that will give a high confidence of maintaining or improving the wellbeing of local people, Council calls on Parliament to conduct ….. a People’s Vote to confirm the present will of the people.” […]

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The linked letter has been sent to The Rt. Hon. James Brokenshire MP calling on him to call-in the decision of Uttlesford District Council’s Planning Committee to expand the throughput of Stansted Airport. I told local newspapers this week: “The decision was made on national party-political grounds. It should have been based on local planning policies, […]

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Uttlesford’s planning committee has voted to allow the number of  passengers using Stansted Airport to increase by over 50%. They claimed that this was necessary to help save the national economy from the effects of Brexit. The chairman of the committee had to break a tied five-all vote by using his casting vote to permit […]

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Over two days this week, seventy-eight people spoke to Uttlesford’s Planning Committee. I was one of them. They were giving their views on whether or not Stansted Airport Limited (STAL) should be allowed to lift the existing passenger cap of 35 million per annum (mppa). Needless to say there were passionate speeches in favour of […]

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by Alan Dean on 14 October, 2018

I am writing this post wearing the hat of the chair of Uttlesford DC’s Scrutiny Committee. For those not familiar with local government structures, clause 6.3.8 of UDC’s constitution says that one of the Scrutiny Committee’s functions is to “question members of the executive (cabinet)….about their decisions and performance”. I am not writing today on […]

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by Alan Dean on 25 June, 2018

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats backed the draft Local Plan at 4 minutes to midnight last Tuesday night. The meeting lasted from 7 p.m. for just shy of five hours, with the first 90 minutes used by members of the public, who mostly were opposed to Garden Settlements on their own doorsteps near Great Chesterford, Little Easton/Great […]

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I wrote to the local press today:- Something is wrong at the heart of Uttlesford District Council as it struggles to complete two major exercises that are important not only for this district. The first is a critically important Local Plan for the future of the district. If UDC does not publish an updated plan […]

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I wrote the following article in March for the April edition of Stansted’s magazine The Link. The full article can be read here at page 22. NEWS FROM UTTLESFORD DISTRICT COUNCIL Cllr Alan Dean writes: The long-awaited planning application from the airport to raise the limit on passenger numbers was received by UDC in February. They […]

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