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A man who cares first for other people

by Alan Dean on 26 July, 2020

I read this letter in yesterday’s Guardian and was most impressed.

“The chancellor has announced that senior doctors’ pay will rise about 3% due to their “vital contribution”. I am a consultant neurologist. My salary already borders £95,000 a year. My duty, my goal in life is to look after the sick, and I would do it for less.

“I don’t need a pay rise – I need hospital beds, I need enough staff in the wards, I need appropriate social care so patients can return home safely, I need my patients to be able to afford a bus fare to come to clinics. Don’t give us this money, give it to the underpaid carers, cleaners, community services and overstretched councils. This would be a true vital contribution to the UK.“
“Dr Marc Boix Codony

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