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£200,000 agreed for Crafton Green Project : Stansted Parish Council will replace the money for projects at Forest Hall Park

by Alan Dean on 13 July, 2017

Uttlesford’s Cabinet made this Key Decision on Monday. See earlier story. Uttlesford Cabinet Agenda item 15 – S106 Community Pot, Stansted


i.        Subject to the agreement of the developer, a sum of £200,000 is allocated to Stansted Parish Council to fund the release of all “reserved rights” held by a third party over all of the Parish council owned land at Crafton Green.

ii.        The allocation of £52,290 for the skateboard park is removed and the monies added back to the available pot of money.

The Cabinet noted that the Parish Council had given a written undertaking to provide a replacement pot of money to be made available for projects at Forest Hall Park and endorsed this approach.


Reasons: To enable intended community projects at Forest Hall Park intended to be funded from the S106 allocation to proceed.

Other options considered and rejected: none

Any interest declared by any member of the Cabinet: Councillor Barker declared a prejudicial interest as the matter comes within her remit as a portfolio holder at Essex County Council. She remained out of the room for the consideration of this item and took no part in the discussion or voting.

In respect of any conflict of interest declared, whether dispensation is in existence for that interest: No



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