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What’s the point of wasting £170,000,000?

by Alan Dean on 30 April, 2017

What is the point of the Snap General Election on June 8th?

Theresa May claims that having more Conservative MPs lined up behind her will strengthen her ability to negotiate a good deal for the UK as it leave the EU in less than two years from now.

That justification sounded hollow when it was made two weeks ago. It has now been completely sunk with little more than a few pieces of flotsam to remind us all that international diplomacy is only occasionally achieved by handbag flourishes. Yesterday the remaining 27 countries in the EU took only a few minutes to agree unanimously their red lines in the sand for this country’s future with our continental neighbours. They said we must agree rights for EU citizens in this country; confirm we will pay up on the UK’s financial obligations to our soon-to-be former 27 partners; come up with a deal that avoids a hard border between north and south in Ireland.

All this must be sorted out BEFORE there will be any negotiations over future trade deals. It’s clear who foot has the benefit the boot.

Mrs May has been described as delusional by several Continental leaders. Or is it her right-wing party colleagues who are pulling her strings that are the true promoters of the delusion that the UK can somehow restore itself to a 19th century superpower who can demand and have delivered what it wants? Is Mrs May a puppet who is desperate to look tough? Is she out of her depth? As time goes on, it’s likely her floundering will become more apparent.

That’s another reasons she want an election now; before the going gets really bad.

The total cost of this unnecessary General Election is around £170,000,000. Add to that the cost of last year’s EU referendum – about £140,000,000 – and we are left with a very big bill of over £300,000,000 for the Conservative Party’s endeavours to sort out its internal divisions over Europe.

Of course, there is also the cynical and more transparent reason for Mrs May’s needless rush to the polls – to exploit the low state of HM’s Most Loyal Opposition, the Labour Party. Oh, and a costly way for Mrs May to give a leg up to one of her own Parliamentary Special Advisors in this Saffron Walden constituency. It would be cheaper for her simply to give him a pay rise!

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  1. Steve Drums says:

    I continue to feel (and hope I’m wrong) that part of May’s agenda is about getting to the point where she feels she has a mandate to support Trump’s war(s).

    The situation is, in my view, a consequence of the sustained abject failure by other parties to mount anything resembling a credible opposition.

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