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The “Disappearing Residents”

by Alan Dean on 15 April, 2017

Not only is the Residents for Uttlesford Party putting up county council election candidates who are going round trying to con the public that they are not politicians, they have taken down from their website their commitment at the last county council elections to back the Elsenham/Henham new settlement (aka Hellsenham).

See here my earlier post that I have had to update since the Residents’ Party website link was broken and the page about Hellsenham DISAPPEARED.

This is what their candidate at the last county elections in Saffron Walden had to say on the subject of new settlements. It’s one thing to admit that you were wrong. It’s not very transparent to make your embarrassing history disappear.

I hear they are now getting the cold-shoulder in other villages as parish councils cotton on to their unprincipled opportunism of cosying up almost everywhere to oppose development for the sake of votes.

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  1. Andrew Ketteridge says:

    They never join the debate when they know they’ve lost it. Several things have disappeared over the last couple of years. For example, Heather Asker’s admission that she moved to Saffron Walden for a school place for her daughter!!!!

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