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Uttlesford “should revert to a new settlement strategy, know as Option 4……” [the Hellsenham New Town at Elsenham & Henham]

by Alan Dean on 13 February, 2017

These words are from, the forerunner of the Residents for Uttlesford Party (R4U) fighting the by-election in Elsenham and Henham this week.  Their spokesman was quoted in the Saffron Walden Weekly News.

It seems that when the chips are down – as they will be again in the coming year – R4U, a Saffron Walden-based political party, go for putting up the barricades around Saffron Walden and, like the Tories, wanted to push most housing development onto land between the poorly accessible villages of Elsenham and Henham.

They have attempted to fight a holier-than-thou campaign, but their campaign organisers have been found out. R4U candidates appear to have been told to try to make out that they are not politicians. I have not heard of any party that fights political elections, including a national general election, whose candidates are not politicians. Of course they are; just as I am; and proud to be elected by my fellow residents! All councillors and prospective councillors are politicians. I think a good look in the mirror might help R4U’s self-awareness.

Hellsenham was a Tory idea. Now R4U have come to Elsenham and Henham to pretend that they are defenders of these villages against unsustainable development (anything upwards of 3,000 homes) that the Tories wanted to impose on an area whose roads are so poor they have been rejected by two planning inspectors. Yet when Saffron Walden was in the development spotlight, R4U backed Hellsenham. Despite what they are claiming today, what’s to say they will once again back Hellsenham when their Saffron Walden stronghold is again under pressure?

Meanwhile, this weekend the Lib Dems have been letting Elsenham and Henham residents know about R4U’s flip-flopping on Hellsenham with a leaflet headed “WHO can we rely on to fight for Elsenham and Henham?” Interestingly, this leaflet was receiving praise on Saturday from more than one party.




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  1. Geoff Powers says:

    R4U need to decide whether they wish to be a Saffron Walden party or to represent residents throughout Uttlesford.
    They seemed to be doing things right until recently, but now, despite their local representation, seem to have lost interest
    in the south of the district. As for Elsenham and Henham, well, one might think that their representatives had only just moved in! They seem to have very short memories. You can certainly tell that there is an election in the offing.

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