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Liberal Democrat Six to Fix and Manifesto for Uttlesford

by Alan Dean on 19 March, 2015

Uttlesford’s Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto for the local elections on May 7th. Their “Six to Fix” top priorities are set out below.

Our Six to Fix will set Uttlesford on a path to a better district and a better council. Our manifesto programme ranging from homes to jobs, our local environment, to regaining public trust will be delivered over the coming four years. All these will be made possible by our plans for sound financial management.


REBUILD TRUST in the council by working with local people to produce a new Local Plan that does NOT get rejected next time 

PLAN our towns and villages as balanced communities, not dormitory settlements, for people of all ages (especially young people) and incomes

PROMOTE quiet and protected lanes which walkers and motorists can all use in safety to enjoy the tranquillity of our beautiful countryside

STOP hoarding taxpayers’ money but instead use it wisely for the benefit of the community’s residents and businesses

SET UP a new Capital Initiatives Fund to pump prime developer-funded community infrastructure for housing, jobs and residents

SCRAP private and secret decision-making and abolish or reform the elite cabinet system to make decisions transparent and democratic.

The complete Six to Fix priorities and manifesto can be downloaded here.

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  1. Alan Dean says:

    I have removed a number of comments from this post because I was asked to do so by the contributors. Most of the comments did not relate to the substance of the post. I welcome any comments and criticisms, especially constructive criticisms and suggestions about how the proposals can be applied to the contributor’s locality.

    Commentators should please note than once you have submitted an initial contribution, which has to be moderated by me, subsequent comments on any story are posted automatically and immediately without my having to vet them.

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